Swatch:art for the wrist

Swatch:art for the wrist
20 September 2014

Alexander Gorlizki,virtuoso creator of intricate miniatures and visionary abstraction, is the latest artist to add his special touch to the Swatch Art Special tradition.
British-born and working in New York and Jaipur, India, Alexander Gorlizki works in a diverse range of materials from paper and cloth to photography, sculpture and video. His style is affectionately surreal and playful, often depicting whimsical iconographies with geometric patterns.

In developing SLIDING DOORS (SUOZ185S) – a new Swatch Art Special Limited Edition, Gorlizki took his inspiration from the Jali, the classical Indian architectural form of ornamental screen carving, typically done in wood, stone, and marble. Gorlizki’s geometric patterns create an intricate puzzle enriched with mesmerizing detail and a modern, vibrant palette. The interlocking designs cover every surface of the front, with engraving on the timepiece and even along its edges, buckle and loop.
The artist extends the same fascinating visual elements to a Special Packaging with a montage of illustriously decorated geometric structures.Hinting at the name of this wristwatch, the cover of the eye-catching packaging playfully slides open to reveal the ticking masterpiece within.

Gorlizki states that “collaborating with Swatch presented an irresistible challenge to create a highly contemporary, wearable design that still utilizes handmade skills and traditional forms.”Limited and numbered to a cleverly uneven 4,567 pieces, there are hints of Gorlizki in every detail.