Rosso Reale: Rubelli celebrates the red

Rosso Reale: Rubelli celebrates the red
20 November 2014

Rosso Reale is the exhibition that celebrates red: red as in the greatest creations by Rubelli, and red as in the great wines of Casa E. di Mirafiore. Presented in these old cellars, the exhibition stems from the meeting between two entrepreneurial organisations with solid traditions and a great deal of history behind them.
For five generations, the damask, brocade, lampas and velvet fabrics made by Rubelli, a longstanding family-run company from Venice, have represented a level of excellence in the production of furnishing fabrics. Rubelli displays an exclusive selection of red fabrics, from the oldest, kept in its historical archive, to the most recent productions.
The exhibition, which is arranged into four sections, presents a series of fabrics, drawings and graphic representations of weaving on paper.
Everything is strictly red.
12 November 2014 – 10 January 2015
Serralunga d’Alba, Cuneo, Italy