Rosso Campari

Rosso Campari
14 July 2015

“I colori del rosso” opens at Galleria Campari, Milan. From July 17 to October 31, 2015 a sensory journey describes all the shades of red.

Feel, hear, see, touch, taste and smell: through a sensory journey, the exhibition recounts all the shades of the colour red, from its physical perception to its symbolic value in various civilisations and cultures. At the end of the journey, the visitor is invited to express his opinion on a question which science has been debating for centuries. Does red accentuate smell and flavour? Do we eat with our eyes? Can a fragrance evoke a colour? Around twenty “iconic” reds mark out the exhibition’s pathway: a selection of famous Italian fashion and design objects, “historical” and “functional” reds, as instruments for common use, as well as television and cinema art reds, analysed in collaboration with the Milan Interactive Cinema Museum archives.

The exhibition is organised as a sensory journey, with installations that involve sight, hearing, olfaction, taste and touch, combined with cultural aspects that define what red means in different countries around the world, aiming to outline a semiotic map of the most significant ones in every region. The colours of Red is the pretext for a cultural dialogue: colours transmit taboos which are obeyed subconsciously, they influence behaviour and the environment, language and the imaginary. The rich and unexpected history of red tells of the changes in the way of thinking, in uses and in society, intertwining art, religion, politics, psychology and sociology. It all revolves around an unwritten code, to which red holds the key.

I colori del rosso
July 17 – October 31, 2015
Galleria Campari
Via Gramsci 161, Sesto San Giovanni

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