Discovering Jackson Pollock

Discovering Jackson Pollock
18 February 2015

Here we are! Only a few hours to the opening of the exhibition “Alchemy. Discovering the Artist at Work ” a unique and surprising exhibition that will lead the visitors of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection to the discovery of one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century.
Until April 6, after a long period of analysis and cleaning, the work will be exhibited to the public without a frame in order to enable the visitor to admire the vivid colors returned to light.
Visitors will learn all phases of the study and conservation in a fun and interactive way, through touchscreens, videos and an x-ray of Alchemy.
A tactile journey: visitors are invited to touch the surface of the complicated dripping through a 3D reproduction of the artwork.

Another unmissable exhibition made possible by the generous support of Intrapresæ Collezione Guggenheim!