The art of not forgetting

The art of not forgetting
17 January 2015

January 27 is the international Memorial Day commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The project “Art Shoah” by ECAD, under the auspices of the President of the Italian Republic, aims to commemorate the surviving artists and works of art, as an invitation to ponder the void one would look at had the artists been interned or their works of art been destroyed.

To commemorate the Shoah, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection chooses the artwork “Rain” by Marc Chagall.

This work, depicting Chagall’s native Vitebsk, was painted in 1911 and was acquired by Peggy Guggenheim in 1941. Peggy Guggenheim also had to flee Paris and France. After temporarily hiding her collection first in Vichy and then in the cellar of the Musée de Grenoble, while waiting to ship it to the United States, she reached Marseille, where she helped to finance the passage to America of some artists, through the Emergency Rescue Committee. She eventually reached Lisbon, whence she embarked for New York on July 13, 1941.

© Rain (La Pluie), 1911 Peggy Guggenheim Collection © Chagall ®, by SIAE 2015