ICG supports Themes & Variations. The Empire of Light

ICG supports Themes & Variations. The Empire of Light
20 January 2014

From February 1 to April 14, 2014, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection presents Themes & Variations. The Empire of Light. This innovative curatorial formula for the spaces of the Venetian museum originated in 2002 and is now in its fourth edition. The project offers visitors a fresh perception of familiar and less familiar works in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection through a multi-layered dialogue between Modernist masters and contemporary artists, thanks also to loans from other collections.
The exhibition combines art from Peggy Guggenheim’s museum and a number of loans, including a selection from a refined American private collection. Seminal paintings by masters such as Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko, and Lucio Fontana will be displayed in the company of other paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists such as Gabriele Basilico, David Hockney, Gerhard Richter, Anish Kapoor, Thomas Ruff, Kiki Smith, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Piotr Uklański. The exhibition’s theme is light: light as reflection and radiance, light as dawn, as sunset and twilight, light in suspension, light that induces the mystery of continuity and mutability of place. Light, but also the absence of light, a surreal darkness that lends its force to René Magritte’s celebrated Empire of Light, titular protagonist of the exhibition.
The final section of the show is a tribute to Fausto Melotti (1901-1986), poetic sculptor who titled several of his artworks Theme and Variations, whence derives the title of this series of exhibitions, since the first in 2002.
Themes & Variations. The Empire of Light is supported by Intrapresae Collezione Guggenheim and BSI. Swiss Bankers since 1873. The organizers are grateful to Corriere della Sera and Radio Italia as media partners. Hangar Design Group designed the exhibition’s communication materials. Grateful thanks to Mapei and Tempini as technical sponsors. Programs auxiliary to the exhibition are supported by the Fondazione Araldi Guinetti, Vaduz.

© Lucio Fontana / Anish Kapoor Spatial Concept, Expectations, 1967 / Untitled, 2002 Water paint on canvas, 92 x 73 cm / Polished stainless steel and lacquer, 120 cm in diameter Private collection, New York / Private collection © Fondazione Lucio Fontana, Milano, by SIAE 2013 / © Anish Kapoor, by SIAE 2013